Rhythm and Rhyme

If you plant it, it will grow. October 10 2013, 0 Comments

You don't question whether or not a seed will sprout. You just plant it, water it and wait with a knowing it will happen. Just like planting a seed, a belief yields results. The only thing preventing your idea from sprouting is your decision to ignore it. 





A Tight Squeeze October 05 2013, 0 Comments

Parking in Los Angeles is challenging at best. Especially coming home from a long night at work. After driving around for over 30 minutes, even the seemingly impossible spots look appealing. 

I finally found such a spot and was immediately doubtful of my ability to fit. But I was nearing desperation so I made up my mind that even a 50 point turn and a light bumper tap at either end would not stop me from making the spot my own. 

As I began to parallel park, my efforts were further called into question by two passers by, who began to chuckle and readily exclaimed "You're never going to fit." 

Given how tired I was and how long I had been searching, the onlooker's comment suddenly made me doubt even further my ability to fit and I grew more frustrated. At this point however, I was well past continuing my search. My desire to get home outweighed my feelings of frustration and embarrassment due to the two onlookers questioning my judgement.

They continued to laugh, tossing me a "Good luck" over their shoulder as they made their way down the sidewalk. A little self conscious yet undeterred, I continued my epic 50 point parallel parking technique, a la Austin Powers.


With patience and continued effort I finally made it into the spot. Much to my satisfaction I might add. And then, as I walked home it hit me. Though the events and circumstances differ, how often do we let doubt, frustration and the opinions of others keep us from accomplishing our goals. 

Had I not been so tired, and in turn so determined, I might have allowed my own doubts and the projected doubts of others to convince me I would fail. Now you may say, "so what? It was just a parking spot." But that parking spot represented something I wanted. Fitting into that spot meant I could stop looking for one, go home and relax.

Such a simple thing yet so important. The fulfillment of a desire, by making it a goal, believing it will happen and choosing to take action. You may be laughed at by others who don't have your vision, but THEIR beliefs and opinions only come to fruition if you choose to make them YOURS.  

This is the formula for a successful and abundant life. It matters not what the desire or the size of the goal. What matters is the choice, the faith, the action and the will. 


How will you create YOUR life?  


Your Mind July 20 2013, 0 Comments

Your mind is an amazing thing. It creates your life and is the foundation of everything you experience and perceive. What many people don't realize is that each one of us has direct control over this amazing mechanism and if we so choose, can utilize its power to continuously benefit and better our lives.


In this video, Bob Proctor explains how our mind works and why we do what we do, getting the results that we get.