About LifeJingle


During a 3 day intensive weekend I attended, one of the exercises was to write a short song or jingle about how I would like to see my life. The intention being that rhythm and rhyme directly influence the subconscious mind. That's why jingles and other songs stick in our head even if we don't consciously remember hearing them. 

The jingle I wrote was LIFE IS BEST, featured above. Whenever I was having a bad day or feeling stuck, I would sing the jingle in my head and I would feel better. Not long after, it occurred to me that so many people try fruitlessly to change their thinking with positive affirmations because they don't keep up with it. And yet, every one of us can instantly remember any number of commercial jingles.

I thought to myself, why not have the best of both worlds? If something is going to stick in your head, it might as well benefit you in some way. 

And so, LifeJingle was born!